“God has not called you to be more than you are, he has called you to be all that you are.”

Dudley Anderson is a seasoned Christian radio broadcaster voice-over artist

Finding the right voiceover artist is about finding the right personality and voice that will add credibility and sincerity to your audio or video production.

“We have worked with Dudley several times here at His Productions. He is consistently professional, timely in his responses, and stays in communication with us throughout each project. It’s been an excellent experience each time – Dudley is a joy to work with!” — Jen Ransome (USA)


Showreel 2021
Low voice narration
Radio imaging and commercials
Video narration
Phone menu
Air-check demo
Bible reading

What Other People Say About Dudley…

“I have been very impressed with the ‘international’ sound of Dudley’s voice as well as his pronunciation. Add in his professional attitude to his work and you can rest assured that adding him to your ‘stable of voices’ will benefit your business.” — Gary Hoogvliet (New Zealand)

“We are pleased to be able to carry programming produced by Dudley Anderson on our Voice of Hope radio stations. He is gifted in being able to ‘see the big picture’ and in understanding the vision for each project, while at the same time being very detail-oriented and fastidious in its production.  He is technically competent in the use of audio processing equipment and has a voice which is easy to listen to with great diction, enunciation and gravitas. We solidly endorse Dudley’s work as a voice artist.” — Ray Robinson, (USA)

“Dudley has been great to work with! He’s been great with communication, always quick to respond and great with following up. His turn around times were also great, even if there’s a bit of a time crunch. I look forward to working with Dudley again on future projects!” — Elizabeth Barge, (USA)

Contact Dudley for your voice-over needs: dudley@dudleyanderson.net