With more than 25 years’ experience in broadcasting, Dudley Anderson is a seasoned voice-over artist and Christian radio programme producer. Beginning his broadcasting experiences in South Africa, Dudley has experience in local, national and international radio.

Dudley, based in the United Kingdom, has a mature conversational voice, full of passion, and sincerity. He has experience in radio commercials, video narration, station imaging, telephone hold systems and more.

Dudley Anderson is described as having a warm sincere voice.

A professional voice for your commercial, narration or answer service

A versatile voice with energy and professionalism.

A seasoned public speaker and radio presenter.

Finding the right voiceover artist is about finding the right personality and voice that will add credibility and sincerity to your audio or video production.


Low voice narration
Radio imaging and commercials
Video narration
Phone menu
Air-check demo
Bible reading