Before moving to the UK, Dudley Anderson worked for a national radio station in South Africa called, Radio Pulpit and also for a community radio station called, Impact Radio.  From 1998 to 2005 he served God as senior presenter/producer for Christan Vision, an international radio ministry based in the English West Midlands. Christan Vision reached a probable audience of between 10 to 20 million people on FM, short-wave and the Internet across central and southern Africa.

After a stint of 8 years as freelance presenter of the UK based Christian radio station, United Christian Broadcasters (UCB), Dudley began producing his own radio content.

SRM produces 3 radio segments:

  • Sixty-Second GodTracker (a 1-min radio spot adapted from the weekly email devotional, GodTracker)
  • God-Tracking with Dudley (a 4 to 6-min radio thought adapted from the weekly email devotional, GodTracker)
  • The Reality (a half-hour talk show featuring people whose lives have been impacted by the reality of Christ)

These programmes are aired on many stations around the world and podcast online.

Listen to these radio shows below…